Your payment is guaranteed, no more worrying about chargebacks or bounced checks. Funds are collected by InstaPayUSA before you ever ship anything.

When you SELL something, no more worrying about someone's credit or about credit card chargebacks. InstaPayUSA will notify you that funds have been received, and then you can ship the item that has been purchased. Your funds are guaranteed, with no more scams to ever worry about.


No more worrying about sending funds for items that never arrive, or that are not as described. When you BUY something using InstaPayUSA, we hold your funds until you actually get a chance to inspect what you have bought.

Once you’re satisfied, you authorize InstaPayUSA to release your funds to the seller. In the event you are not satisfied, simply return the item. Once the seller receives it back, they notify InstaPayUSA, and your money is returned.