Jewelers Marketplace has teamed up with InstaPayUSA to produce the ONLY trading platform with a true cash price format.

This is possible because Buyers do not have to worry about having to pay for something sight unseen and from Sellers they do not know and at the same time, Sellers do not have to worry about the credit worthiness of Buyers as funds are already placed into the InstaPayUSA account.

This allows for a true cash price!

When a Seller sells an item, ALL transactions are handled by InstaPayUSA. The Buyer transfers funds into a sales account and the Seller can securely send the merchandise sold. When the merchandise arrives, the Buyer can inspect it to see if it was as described and either accept or reject it.

If accepted, they log back into their account and release the funds and they are instantly deposited into the Sellers account.

If rejected, the Buyer must return the merchandise immediately to the Seller. Once the Seller has received back the merchandise, they can log into their account and release the funds back to the Buyer.

No more hassle of chasing down your funds. Immediate payment upon acceptance! Increase profits and cash flow!


There are two ways to list merchandise for sale on Jewelers Marketplace.

One is just to list the item for sale with a price you would like to receive for it. When it is listed, a buyer can either accept the price and say “SOLD”, and place funds into the InstaPayUSA account for the item, or they can make a counter offer to the Seller. All counter offers are placed online for all to see. NO SIDE DEALS! This allows for a true trading bourse experience with quick cash prices.

The Second one is an Auction Format.

A Seller can place merchandise up for auction. This is helpful if a Seller does not know what value an item he has is worth, or he just wants to liquidate at a fair market value. Here are the rules for Auction items.


All Auction items will start with a Bid of $1. and all bids in dollar amounts. No cent bids!

All auctions will end the following day of the item being posted and at 5:00pm Eastern Time. A bid at 5:00 and .59 seconds is a valid bid. A bid at 5:01.00 is not.

That is 5:00pm Eastern, 4:00 Central, 3:00 Mountain, and 2:00 Pacific time.

If a Seller wants to hold a reserve price on an auction item, they may do so by sending a PM to Jewelers Marketplace with the reserve amount at the time the item is listed for auction and place a prominent message “RESERVE ITEM” in the body of the description of the merchandise.

If, after the sale is concluded, an item with a reserve amount does not reach the reserve price, but the Seller decides to accept the final bid, the Seller will have 30 minutes from the completion of the Auction to accept the final price.

Upon Confirmation of a winning bid, a Buyer will place funds into the InstaPayUSA account for payment and the merchandise will be shipped.

A Buyer will always have the opportunity to inspect the merchandise before releasing the funds to Seller.